The Kandy Vegas costume awards

Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Take one part Playboy party, two parts Candyland, three parts body paint and lingerie and one hefty dose of Snoop Dogg and you’ve got a cocktail for Kandy Vegas, the weekend-long bash at the Palms that culminated with a lingerie ball at the Palms Pool on Saturday night.

With ladies in Kandy-themed lingerie, the costumes were playful and plentiful. Here are a few of our favorite get ups:

Best accessory: Hands down the cutest thing we saw clutched all night… besides that one fabulous bag, of course. (above)

Best gold-digger: She’s a belly dancer! She’s a genie! She’s a craft project gone terribly sequined! One thing’s certain – spotting your friend at a crowded party has never been so blindingly easy.

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Disney gone DD: Decked in bows, ruffles and pink gingham, this outfit would be curds-and-whey cute if it weren’t for the, ahem, assets asserting themselves so prominently. Despite the Disney-esque design, she’s more suited to AVN than Space Mountain.

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Sadly sweaty: It’s takes a good sport to don a costume when none is required, as this fellow did, opting to go the pajama route while most men went in all white instead. We give you props, Mr. I’m-wearing-a-fleece-onesy-and-I-look-like-I-want-to-shoot-myself-or-take-a-nosedive-into-the-ice-machine.

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Your Vegas is showing: Literally. We can see it.

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Best group attire: These ladies not only stripped down to not a whole lot, but they did so while channeling everyone’s favorite decade complete with neon sunglasses and a white glove.

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Best strategically placed dessert: When the inventors of cotton candy named it after the fabric of our lives they probably didn’t intend for the food to replace the fabric, but it works. At least, until someone gets hungry.

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Photo of Sarah Feldberg

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