Bye-bye, Bambu, bye-bye

Bambu Bar at Mandalay Bay.
Photo: Denise Truscello

Despite entering the world with a roar, Bambu Bar will leave the world with something closer to a whimper.

The petite 2,400-square foot outdoor pool bar celebrated its grand opening on July 2 with a bit more fanfare than would normally befit such a tiny place (there are just eight tables), but operators Greg Jarmolowich and Frank Tucker wanted all eyes on their tiny jewel by the pool. The Privé nightclub directors apparently had as a side job an agreement with Mandalay Bay to help brand and operate the new Beach-Walk bar.

“In light of recent developments,” says Gordon Absher, vice president of public affairs for MGM Mirage, “resort management consulted with the operators of Bambu Bar and they agreed to voluntarily suspend operations.” The decision was made on July 29.

Bambu Bar is therefore closed until further notice. It can be further inferred that this is due at least in part to the Tucker and Jarmolowich’s involvement in the nine-count complaint brought against landlord Planet Hollywood in July for all manner of violations, which included, among others, allegations of the serving of minors and the dumping of inebriated guests in the casino by Privé staff.

Absher continues, “The decision was arrived at mutually and was done to give all sides the opportunity to fully understand the recent rulings and future impact of events.”

Since Tucker and Jarmolowich’s application had not yet come before the Nevada Gaming Commission for consideration as Bambu Bar’s key employees on Mandalay Bay’s liquor license, even a brief closure would allow that possibility to be quietly taken off the table if that is the direction Mandalay Bay management decides to go.

Until the decision was handed down by the Clark County department of business license Tuesday July 28 to remove them, Tucker and Jarmolowich were also key employees at Privé.

“This temporary closure should be viewed as nothing further than the exercise of appropriate due diligence,” says Absher, “and as a reflection of the serious approach our company takes when dealing with licensing and regulatory issues.”

As with Privé, new key employees for Bambu would have to be identified and submit applications for consideration. Privé’s application for a permanent liquor license was denied on July 23; the club’s appeal comes before the Clark County Commission on Tuesday, August 4.


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