A frat-tastic birthday party for O’Sheas’ big 2-0

Nothing says “happy birthday” like chucking ping pong balls at plastic cups.
Photo: Erik Kabik

With the exception of stained bed sheets finding a second life as togas and college freshman in heavy makeup, O’Sheas 20th anniversary birthday bash held this Saturday is essentially one giant Strip-side frat party.

The casino, known as a haven from the highbrow and high priced, is throwing down the way it always does, with cheap booze, rock music and games where your performance improves incrementally with every chugged beer. That means corn hole tourneys, Guitar Hero and, of course, the ubiquitous beer pong for which O’Sheas has become famous. The winner of the casino’s birthday tournament, which kicks off at 2 p.m., will earn a spot at the annual World Series of Beer Pong and a room during the competition at the neighboring Flamingo.


O'Sheas 20th Anniversary Bash
Aug. 1, 2 p.m.
Beer pong tournament at 2 p.m.
Vince Neil at 5 p.m.

(My personal favorite frat party game, a frenetic affair called The Web, is not on the schedule – though, with a few cups, quarters and thirsty people anything is possible.)

The birthday shindig will also include a broadcast by KOMP 92.3-FM, live music, giveaways and a 5 p.m. appearance by Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil, who will blow out the candles on O’Sheas’ bday cake before hitting The Joint later in the evening for Crüe Fest 2.

While you’ll have to be of legal drinking age to attend, having a frat party at a casino does have its upsides: Neil’s a way better celebrity to brag about seeing than the quarterback of Insert-Your-University-Here. There’s also a far slimmer chance of running into that girl you hooked up with during homecoming but whose name you can’t remember, and you don’t have to pee in the shower because the toilets are too dirty to consider. (Note: If you somehow do end up peeing in the shower despite this, you’ll have a lot more explaining to do the next morning.)

The only downside: Hangovers hurt the same, whether you pass out yelling “Del-ta!” or “O-Sheas!”

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