Weekly exclusive: Introducing Bambu Bar at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Beach’s newest offering is Bambu Bar, an outdoor imbibery designed to make the hot summer a little cooler.

What’s green and yellow and misted all over? Why, Bambu Bar, of course! And thank goodness for it. Just in time for another sweltering Las Vegas summer, two notable local nightlife personalities have teamed up to give us Bambu Bar, Mandalay Bay’s hottest, coolest watering hole, steps from Mandalay Bay Beach.

Open daily, sunrise to sunset, Bambu Bar is a compact, 2,400-square foot expanse of shaded outdoor seating in a chic-but-casual setting, decorated in shades of yellow and green for an elegant island feel. A focal point in the space decorated by the design team at Jones Greenwald is the 100-year old Western Red Cedar tree that was decommissioned from an old forestry service road in British Columbia, then recycled into the very tables at which guests will be enjoying their signature Black Bambutini, Raspberry Cosmopolitan and three exotic varieties of mojito: pineapple, blueberry and mango.


Bambu Bar at Mandalay Bay Beach
Open daily, sunrise to sunset
Call 702-632-7777 for more info

Guests will also be treated to one of Vegas’ most popular beverage trends, the build-your-own-bloody-Mary bar, also found at the Abbey Road Bar at Revolution Lounge and Simon Restaurant’s playful Sunday brunches. To a base of Russian Standard Vodka and tomato juice, budding bar chefs can experiment with over 40 ingredients to create their signature brunch cocktail.

And in case you are still wondering, the Weekly has sworn to focus on the venue, not on the identities of the operators, who would prefer to let the Marys speak for themselves. But if you are still curious, we would suggest you simply head down there on June 18 when Bambu Bar opens to the public.


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