“Welcome to the club, welcome to Perfecto…” the album!

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“Welcome to the club, welcome to Perfecto…” the album! Catapulting off the success of Paul Oakenfold’s residency at Rain Nightclub, the DJ and producer is bringing the Perfecto Vegas party to your stereo with a double mix CD.

The Ibiza-esque club experience of Perfecto has changed the face and sound of clubbing in Las Vegas since it began last summer. So will the Perfecto Vegas album let the world hear what club goers dance to on a Saturday night at the Palms megaclub? Not exactly. The two CDs are actually a refreshing change from Oakie’s regular set attendees have become accustom to.

The 21 tracks on Perfecto Vegas (release date July 7, 2009) were hand-picked by Oakenfold, though there is an absence of any productions or remixes by the Grammy-nominated Brit (his next artist album, Pop Killer should be released sometime in 2010). Rather, it’s a showcase of many of the artists on the Perfecto record label. In the process, Oakenfold’s album mix shies away from the more commercial pop-y tracks he’s been spinning at Rain (though his live set still isn’t as mainstream as you might hear at many other large Vegas venues).

Paul Oakenfold at Rain for Perfecto.

Perfecto Vegas successfully revisits Oakie’s trance roots and the vibe of both CDs will likely please his core fan base. Track highlights are Joe Echo “On All My Sundays” (Liam Shachar Remix), Joey Modus & Kazell “Slack Jaw,” Robert Vadney “Fallen Angel’s Symphony” and Kenneth Thomas’ “Wish You Were Here” (Ehren Stowers Remix). For those desperately wanting to recreate the Perfecto party at home, the signature “Club Perfecto” track by Robert Vadney played weekly closes out disk two and is the only distinct production carried over from the live experience.

As far as Paul Oakenfold presents Perfecto at Rain, Oakie’s last scheduled appearance is June 27 before he embarks on a European tour with Madonna through the end of August (guest headliners will play Perfecto during the summer). But that doesn’t mean his one-year residency has come to an end as originally planned. The Weekly got the exclusive news Oakenfold is here to stay.


From the Calendar
Paul Oakenfold presents Perfecto
Every Saturday, 10 p.m.
Rain Nightclub, 2-942-6832
From the Archives
On Planet Perfecto (09/11/08)
Paul Oakenfold Interview

“He is renewing thru December 31, 2010,” said N9NE Group vice president Michael Fuller on Friday. “Both parties are very happy with our relationship and we look forward to an even bigger second year.” If locals are burned out on the Perfecto experience, transformations are underway. “We will be doing some upgrades and changes to the event, but we are not ready to disclose those secrets at this time,” said Fuller. He added, “Know that it will be spectacular!”

Complete tracklist for Perfecto Vegas:

Disc 1

1. Hibernate “Left Alone”

2. The Fraction “Awaken” (Torin Schmitt Remix)

3. Shawn Michaels & Kenneth Thomas “Funktion Won”

4. Joe Echo “On All My Sundays” (Liam Shachar Remix)

5. Dezarate & Michael Manzano “Kiss Me Love”

6. Shannon “Let the Music Play” (David Delano, Dirty Lou & Swedish Egil Remix)

7. Joey Modus & Kazell “Slack Jaw”

8. The Fraction & Corey Croft “Tease”

9. Nat Monday “Break and Fall” (Adam White Radio Edit)

10. Vibe Shock “Invasion” (Borganism Remix)

11. Elucidate “Carousel”

12. Outer Sunset “Feel My Magic” (Adam White Remix)

Disc 2

1. Robert Vadney “Fallen Angel’s Symphony”

2. Happy Monkey “King of the Berry” (Piano Slam Mix)

3. Jan Johnston “Sleep Satellite” (Robert Vadney’s Blamed Remix)

4. Barry Jay “Infused”

5. Robert Vadney “Away From You”

6. Nat Monday “Flammable”

7. Kenneth Thomas “Wish You Were Here” (Ehren Stowers Remix)

8. Trenix “Becoming You”

9. Robert Vadney “Club Perfecto”

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