Girls still kissing girls, sigh

Girls kissing at McFadden’s.
Photo: Tony Tran

It arrived yesterday: Yet another invite for yet another girl-on-girl kissing contest.

I saw it and sighed. Really?

Yes, really.

Oh, kiss off.

Here’s the deal: Tonight! Back by (presumably) popular demand! Girls kissing girls! Moon nightclub at the Palms!

Usually I’d be tempted to throw in a “One night only!” or “Don’t miss it!” but, well, let’s face it: This sort of thing happens in Las Vegas all the time.

The only thing that makes this event mildly newsworthy is the fact that the theme is stale as month-old bread and the venue is both admitting it and doing it anyway.

The N9NE Group’s e-flyer, which was delivered via the Palms Nightlife Calendar list, flatly states: “Yeah, it’s (sic) been done, so what! And we will probably do it again…”

At least they’re honest.

Many others have come before: “I Kissed a Girl” at Tao, “Kissmas” at Rok, and “French Class” at Body English, to name a few. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say nary a month goes by without some sort of contest being held in Las Vegas that pins girls on other girls in some pseudo lesbian fantasy role playing game.

I’ve even blogged about the proliferation of girl-on-girl kissing contests in Las Vegas nightclubs.

And tonight is just further proof. Moon's lip-locked battle for $5K isn't the only kiss off going down tonight. Lavo is hosting the second rendition of its PDA-heavy I Kissed a Girl party. This one, for which $5,000 is also on the line is "the bondage edition," whatever that means.

So if you’re a hot woman who likes to kiss other hot women or a hot woman who likes to kiss other hot women and has some rope handy, head down to the Palms or Palazzo and show the judges (and the crowd of men who like to watch) what you’ve got.

And if you’re one of the men who like to watch, well, your Tuesday night plans have just been set.

May the best kiss win.


Melissa Arseniuk

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