Designer Snuggies?

The next trend in nightclub fashion?
Illustration: Todd Soligo

You know ’em. You love ’em (or maybe hate ’em), and you secretly want one. That sexy blanket with sleeves: the Snuggie. Sure, it might really be a bathrobe turned backwards, but dang, we wish we thought of that!

As temperatures in Vegas dropped to a frighteningly cold 60-something degrees Tuesday night, I wondered if heat lamps on an outdoor terrace would be enough to keep me warm during a DJ’s set. “Bring a Snuggie,” texted my contact at the club. All joking aside, that got me thinking: “Could one get away with wearing a Snuggie to a nightclub?”

After all, jackets are so last year. They’re cumbersome, don’t fold up easily to fit into even an insanely large designer purse and are too bulky to throw over your arm when you move between indoors and outdoors at some Vegas venues. While some clubs have a coat check, if you get a chill it’s a pain to retrieve that extra layer.

That’s where the Snuggie comes in. But not just any Snuggie. Vegas clubbers need something flashy, not trashy. That leopard print Snuggie currently on the market just won’t cut it and everyond who goes to the local drug store can pick that up for $14.99. Heck, celebrities have stepped out in crazier garments than a blanket with sleeves (see: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Björk, etc.). So, here’s what we’re thinking: the designer Snuggie!

The Louis Vuitton Snuggie: You can put that logo on anything these days, luggage, car upholstery, small dogs. Throw that fashionable L and V on a Snuggie and show the world, “I’m cozy and have more money than I know what to do with.”

The Ed Hardy Snuggie: Christian Audigier’s bedazzled tees are a favorite among the Vegas club set. A crystal rose and “EST 1958” would be perfect emblazoned across the chest of the guy wearing sunglass (at night) in the corner downing shots of Jäger.

The see-through Snuggie—or is it?: For the ladies who like to wear nearly nothing even in the dead over winter, take a cue from a tacky tourist fave with the illusion of a svelte physique printed on a t-shirt. Now apply that to a Snuggie. Guys will never have to share their coats again.

The reversible Snuggie: Jacket on the outside, Snuggie on the inside. Just flip it around. Or is it Snuggie on the outside…?

Clubs can even get in on the customized Snuggie action. Forget customized matchbooks, how about souvenir Snuggies? If the clubbers have left their own fleecy wraps at home, they can cozy up in a VIP booth outdoors overlooking the Strip with a branded keepsake. It also doubles as a paparazzi deterrent for socialites when fleeing camera flashes.

As it turned out, the weather was perfect on the packed patio November 3 and neither Snuggie nor sweater was needed. But I’ll buy shots for the person who steps out in a stylish Snuggie (and no, wearing one on Halloween doesn’t count, but props to a bartender last Saturday for doing so). Better yet, let’s have a themed nightclub Snuggie sleepover party. Prizes to the best custom blanket dress. It’ll probably be the most comfortable outfit you’ve even worn for a night out on the town.

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