A message from your president: The Weekly triumphs in the Vegas Election

(Left to right) Weekly nightlife writer Deanna Rilling, The Bank’s Marketing Director Kalika Moquin and Weekly nightlife editor Xania Woodman.

“We’re not above bribery…” I said slyly, depositing a handful of Three Musketeers minis on the VIP tables at The Bank. We were just 90 minutes away from finding out who would win the titles of President, Vice President, Sexy Secretary, Treasurer and Social Chair in the second annual Vegas Election.

Button, button, who doesn't have a button?

Hey, eyes on the campaign buttons (that's what she said).

As running mates, Team Hangover’s Deanna Rilling and I lowered ourselves to the most unthinkable tactics to garner votes: handing out candy, Facebook blasts, Twitter bombardments, pointing out to women voters that we were the only female duo to run, and gesturing to Deanna’s ample bosom as we begged men to “vote for the girls!”

Our platform: a health care plan that includes a go-go dancer on every VIP table, and a new economic stimulus initiative: Cash for Clubbers!

And it worked!

Until next year, the Vegas nightlife cabinet consists of:

President: Las Vegas Weekly nightlife editor, Xania Woodman

Vice President: Las Vegas Weekly nightlife columnist, Deanna Rilling

Treasurer: Professional poker player, Phil Ivey

Social Chair: Pearce Cleveland, Marketing Director, Brand and Diablo’s

Sexy Secretary: Mirza Maskuta, Aria VIP Services


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