10 highlights from the first night of Z-Trip’s Revolution

New Friday night resident Z-Trip gets to work on the first night of his Revolution party at Rain nightclub.
Photo: Joe Fury / N9NE Group

10. A guy dressed like Falco on the dancefloor at Rain.

9. Crazy propaganda-esque and retro film footage on the big screens.

8. Z-Trip mixing in “Ignition” and the crowd bumping and grinding like a junior high school dance.

7. B-boys and girls not only on stage as part of the show, but crews battling as well in the club.

6. Red banners dropping from the ceiling emblazoned with Shepard Fairey artwork of a fist holding headphones with the words “Party for the People.” Plus, red and white confetti showering the club when Z-Trip took command of the tables.

5. Z-Trip and Rain resident/opening DJ R.O.B. spinning together towards the end of the night for about an hour.

4. Only Z-Trip would have the balls to play drum n bass in a major Vegas nightclub—and the people actually got into it and were dancing!

3. OMG. He played DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor” and later Black Sabbath plus some Pink Floyd. Pure awesomeness.

2. De La Soul joining Z-Trip on stage for a few classic songs.

1. A little bit of something for everyone during Revolution thanks to Z-Trip’s genre-blurring set.

For more about the first night of Z-Trip’s Revolution, pick up a copy of the Las Vegas Weekly on Thursday and check back for video and highlights at lasvegasweekly.com

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