Nightlife Podcast: Sander van Doorn

Sander van Doorn

Sander van Doorn: DJ/producer, 31, The Netherlands. As one of the top 10 DJs in the world according to DJ Mag, van Doorn has amassed quite the catalogue. From genre-spanning original productions to remixes and bootlegs of OneRepublic and The Killers, his live sets hold something for all music fans. Van Doorn will be at Rain Nightclub on April 24, doors at 11 p.m., free to $30.

Sander van Doorn on partying in Vegas: I absolutely love Vegas, but the only problem is I always get in and go out, so actually this year is going to be the first time with me staying a few days. If anything [crazy] is going to happen, it's going to happen [this] week.

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Nocturnal Admissions: Sander van Doorn (4/15/10)

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Sander van Doorn headlines Perfecto
April 24, 11 p.m.
Rain Nightclub (inside the Palms)
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Sander van Doorn

His favorite bootleg: "Message in a Bottle" I did many years ago was one of my favorites. I came across the acoustic solo of Sting performing on stage so I actually got my hands on quite a clean vocal.

His job before becoming a professional DJ/producer: I worked for my brother. He has an aluminum company, and I was the purchaser there. That was kind of the combination between working and university. I studied commercial economics as well as corporate management, but in the end I was always working on music.

Special requests while touring: I always request a room with a bath in it because I love to take a bath when I get up and before my set. But besides that I don't have any strange rituals. ... No golden toilet paper or green M&M's; just a few bottles of water and some additional drinks.

Bizarre questions from reporters: Somebody asked me whether I have sex underneath the DJ booth. ... It's like, perhaps that's kind of a stigma of being a DJ, but it's not that much of a rock-and-roll kind of thing, so never did that.

For more with van Doorn, including the story behind "The Girl You Lost to Cocaine," if there's dance music in the water in Holland and info on the VIP contest he's holding for fans for this Saturday's gig, download the free Nocturnal Admissions podcast here.

Music featured in this podcast:

Sander van Doorn, "Daisy" (available on

Hey Vegas SVD fans: Sander is giving away VIP entry to see him at Rain this Saturday for you and seven friends, plus a bar tab and copies of his new Trance Energy compilation. Send your name, telephone number, date of birth and title of your favorite SVD track to [email protected].

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