Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Photo: Bryan Steffy

What exactly is going on here?

We’ve seen just about everything there is to see in nightclub photos from the Strip — girls kissing girls, exposed derrieres, money raining from the sky, Carrot Top — but once in a while a photo simply begs the question, “Huh?”

This photo, for example, is all kinds of confused. There’s the girl with the white blond hair wearing sunglasses inside (Clubs are already dark, dear. Unless you’ve just had your pupils dilated, ditch the shades.). She also seems hell-bent on exposing her left breast; only she’s not quite at full flash yet. A few more inches and we wouldn’t be publishing this image at all. Her friend, meanwhile, is either camera-shy, embarrassed by the flash dance or examining her own palm. And rather than the photographer catching this priceless moment of utter oddity, we have a suspicion it was created just for him. We can’t even begin to guess what was going through this pair’s minds when the camera flashed, but we’re sure glad that whatever rational thoughts attempted to penetrate the drunken haze were promptly pushed out of the way. File this shot under just another reason we love Vegas.

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg

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