Nightlife Podcast: Svast & Stellar

Thom Svast (left) and David Garcia, aka Svast & Stellar

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Nocturnal Admissions: Svast & Stellar (3/19/10)

Boom! When someone’s calling that catchphrase out across a nightclub, there’s a good chance Svast & Stellar are in the house.

The Vegas-based DJ duo of David “Stellar” Garcia and Thom Svast are in the midst of producing, remixing and gearing up for a recurring gig at the new Artisan Afterhours, plus their set at Ultra Music Festival.

“Our idea of music was to help change the face of music in Las Vegas,” says Svast. “I don’t think you have to play a top 40 track to get someone to understand music, or to dance to music, or to move to music.”

But before they head off to Miami, stuffed animal monkeys in tow, Svast & Stellar stopped by the Weekly studio for the Nocturnal Admissions podcast. Things could get bananas…

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Music featured in this podcast from Sun & Water by Svast & Stellar.

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