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DJ/producer Roger Sanchez

“Sleep - I can do later,” says DJ/producer Roger Sanchez. He’s gearing up for two separate gigs this Memorial Day Weekend. “The party starts on Friday and continues on through Saturday. It’s pretty much very Vegas style.”

First at Tabu on Friday, then Wet Republic on Saturday, the house-music veteran will diversify for both events. “They’re totally different vibes,” says Sanchez. “Tabu is a nightclub. It’s kind of an enclosed, very sexy environment,” he says. “Whereas Wet Republic is definitely a daytime party; strut your stuff by the pool.”

Sanchez says he originally was more of a hip-hop DJ, which explains his style of interacting with clubbers. The native New Yorker isn’t afraid to get on the mic with his booming voice to hype the crowd, something many house DJs shy away from.

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Nocturnal Admissions: Roger Sanchez (5/27/10)

The Details

Roger Sanchez at Tabu
May 28, doors at 10 p.m.
at Wet Republic with Victor Calderone and Cedric Gervais
May 29, doors at 11 a.m.
Beyond the Weekly
Roger Sanchez

“During the kind of ‘growth period’ I like to call it of house music, they kind of liked to be a little bit more anonymous. ‘Focus on the name, don’t focus on me and I’m just playing the music.’ … It wasn’t so much rocking the party as it was making a statement,” says Sanchez. “I’ve always been a party DJ, and I think that’s something that comes through in the music I make and I play.”

He definitely has the party music covered. With a Grammy on his shelf and new summer banger “2gether” (complete with a B-52’s sample) booming out of speakers as the weather heats up, the S Man keeps it coming.

In the Nocturnal Admissions podcast, he chats about possible crossover collaborations including Nas, Lil Jon and Far East Movement, plus a 3-D show, why he wears sunglasses at night, and “Sex Weed.” Download it for free here.

Music featured in this podcast: "2gether" by Roger Sanchez available on Beatport

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