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Dirty South

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Nocturnal Admissions: Dirty South (5/28/10)

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Dirty South, Fedde Le Grand, Sharam and Chuckie
May 30, doors at 11 a.m.
Wet Republic
(At the MGM Grand)
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Dirty South

Dirty South. The DJ/producer. Not the genre of rap and hip-hop music.

“Early in my career, I didn’t know that Dirty South [music] existed in America. So I just chose that name by chance and it stuck,” says Dragan Roganović, aka Dirty South. “A few years later I actually found out what that is in America as well.”

So has there ever been confusion amongst club goers? “Only once. I actually experienced a girl come up and ask for me to play some hip-hop music,” says Roganović. “I don’t think it really matters because it’s a completely different thing. As I said, it only happened once and a girl went crazy because I was playing house music and she wasn’t happy. She was an unsatisfied customer.”

But house-music fans of the Serbian-born, Australian-based DJ/producer will be out in droves May 30 for his set at Wet Republic, also with Fedde Le Grand, Sharam and Chuckie (rumor has it single passes for the day already are sold out, but all-weekend passes still might be available).

In the Nocturnal Admissions podcast, Dirty South chats about Vegas’ generosity to DJs, his collaborations with Sebastian Ingrosso and David Guetta, an acoustic album in the works, and the record that made him switch from Jodeci to house music. Download the podcast for free here.

Music featured in this podcast: "Phazing" by Dirty South featuring Rudy, available for download on

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