Nightlife Podcast: The Crystal Method

Scott Kirkland (left) and Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method.

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Nocturnal Admissions: The Crystal Method (5/28/10)


The Crystal Method
May 30, doors open at 10 p.m.
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The Crystal Method

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland need no introduction. Well, maybe individually they do. Together, the duo is known as electronic-music artists The Crystal Method, and they'll be returning to their hometown of Vegas for a DJ set May 30 at Blush.

The Weekly caught up with Jordan and talked about a barrage of topics besides the gig including:

• Kirkland catching cooties from his two kids

• The music video contest for their single "Sine Language" with LMFAO

• Working on a new TCM artist album already

• Scoring music for a video game

• Staying with family when they come to Vegas

• Elite Force

• Song requests from Shaun White

• Jordan's mad juggling skills

• Who DJs hire to provide music at their wedding

• Bonnaroo

• Oil Drilling

• Pissing off Fox News

Whale Wars

• and Yorkshire Terriers that sound like pigs…

Figure out what the heck is going on in the Nocturnal Admissions podcast downloadable for free here.

Music featured in the podcast from "Drive" by The Crystal Method available on iTunes.

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