The Best Halloween Costumes of 2010?

Yup, big, giant robot-like thing wins again at the Night of Killer Costumes at Rain.
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"Drunk tourist bachelorette" Deanna

"Drunk tourist bachelorette" Deanna

No shortage of skimpy things and skin in 2010. A week’s worth of parties resulted in a week’s worth of wearing the same costume for this nightlife reporter. Going as the thing I loathe—a “drunk” tourist bachelorette—the more trashed my costume got, the better I played the part. From drinks spilled down my dress, smeared makeup, shredded nylons, tacky plastic penis veil, fake bloody knee from the inevitable inebriated stumble and carrying my shoes like any tourist does, at least the industry found humor in my outfit.


As far as costumes for others, at the six parties I attended, there was a lot of the same ol’ same ol’, along with popular new additions, such as multiple Deadmau5 mau5 heads, Avatar Na’vi and Chilean miners. There weren’t nearly as many Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes as expected (thankfully).

Best Halloween Costumes 2010

The one costume that truly impressed me? A homemade Zoltar booth. You know, the magical midway fortuneteller machine most often recognized from the movie Big. I spotted him at Devil’s Night 13 inside Crown and first thought it was another prop for the evening. Once I approached the gent, I learned he made the entire costume, condemning himself to shuffling around the club all night. If only I had a better camera with me …

Other faves included a pair of Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men doing just that on the dance floor, our buddy Todd cross-dressing as Snooki, blow-up sex dolls, the largest vibrator ever, a Travi$ Barker complete with all the tattoos and bananas in pajamas. Check out the gallery for the rest of the costumes that either struck our fancy … or raised some eyebrows.

Got any fav costumes you spotted? Tell us about them and post a link to the image on Facebook in the comments section below.

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