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Nocturnal Admissions: Second Sun (10/21/10)

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Second Sun
October 23, doors at 11 p.m.
Rain Nightclub, 942-6832
Beyond the Weekly
Second Sun

A lot of people don’t understand that not everyone who performs in a DJ booth is a DJ. For your October 23 gig at Rain (doors at 11 p.m., $30), what will clubgoers experience from you and Adam White?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the biggest misconception with Second Sun. We’re not DJs; we’re a live act. We’re playing all our own songs and remixes live onstage. It just sort of feels like a DJ set because we don’t stop between songs... and then I have my live vocals.

You like to jump off things when you perform. Ever get injured?

I once broke my ankle. But that wasn’t onstage while I was performing. I was sort of walking fast to go offstage, and I thought the stairs were on my side of the ramp … so I just straight up walked offstage, and it was like a six-foot drop. But with my jumps onstage, I’ve never gotten hurt before.

You started going to raves at 14. Were you a Kandi Kid in UFO pants?

For a while I was wearing a Nintendo Power Glove, because we used to breakdance. I had this stupid-looking Power Glove and I cut off the power cord. I had pants made out of Bubble Wrap with pockets and a zipper and everything. But I’m guilty of wearing UFOs.

For the full interview with Becks, include memories of their first disastrous gig with Paul van Dyk, pills, the new album, covering Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" and their side project CB7, download the free Nocturnal Admissions podcast here.

Music featured in this podcast from Second Sun's The Lost Weekend available on iTunes.

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