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Pete Tong (9/2/10)

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Pete Tong, Kaskade & Dirty South
Encore Beach Club, September 5
Doors at 11 a.m., $40 and up
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Getting it on (the record) with Pete Tong (10/28/09)
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Vegas is the new Ibiza? We’ve heard that before. But DJ Pete Tong has quite a different perspective. Taking the first break ever from his summer residency on the Spanish island, he’ll be in Vegas for Kaskade Sundays September 5 at Encore Beach Club.

"If you could think of the Winter Music Conference pretty much running for three to four months on a cycle, that gives you kind of some idea of the scale of [summer in Ibiza]."

"From a DJ perspective, it’s a bit like playing in the Super Bowl final or the World Cup football every single week."

"Vegas isn’t anything like Ibiza,” Tong says. “I know some people are comparing it to the buying power of Vegas starting to register on the same kind of scale as Ibiza. When all the clubs start booking all the DJs and all the acts, the activity there is pretty intense."

For the full interview with Tong, including such topics as why ladies like the lyrics, new electronic artists you need to know, playing Monster Massive, his new release with Dave Spoon, the evolution of the DJ, David Guetta’s career and what he thinks is the remix of the year (whew!), download the free Nocturnal Admissions podcast.

Music in this podcast from Pete Tong presents Wonderland 2010 available on iTunes here.

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