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Are you a Tocadisco fan who’s bummed he’s never performed in Vegas? Be bummed no more... kinda. The German house-music DJ/producer headlines the Nocturnal Festival September 25 in San Bernardino, Calif. But before you meet up with tens of thousands of other electronic-music fans, we caught up with him to chat about the attention large-scale dance-music events have been receiving this year, his new artist album, “2 Many Shots of Jägermeister,” and more.

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Tocadisco (9/22/10)


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Nocturnal Festival
September 25, 3 p.m.-2 a.m., 18+
The NOS Events Center
689 South "E" Street, San Bernadino, CA
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A trip down the rabbit hole at Nocturnal Festival (9/29/09)
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Here’s a few excerpts:

It’s the same thing repeating over and over in music history, it’s always the old people don’t understand the young people. It’s never different. Rock and roll was the “music from the devil,” you know?

What I always like about house music is that... almost no style is forbidden to combine with house music.

[House] was always the most open music for me. It’s coming from the gay [club] scene, and I live in Cologne [Germany] which is a very gay city; it’s very free. Nobody’s like looking at people that hold hands, like girls and girls or boys and boys or whatever. I always liked that, I always like to live in a free environment where the people are not conservative and boring.

There are some music styles that stay the same since their invention. This is the most horrible thing for me, the most boring thing. I like to hear something new all the time.

I was very depressed traveling alone.... When I met my wife, she’d just finished law school and I asked her if she wanted to travel with me for some years before she goes into her job. She agreed and we married and now she took over all the booking and management and is my partner in everything. I play her the remixes and songs first to see what she likes. It’s really perfect.

I think that the scene in America is surprisingly evolving a lot lately. ... Dance music is getting a little bit bigger, and it’s not only the trance guys; it’s more alternative sounds. I’m very happy about this, because I think America is a very important country in the world and they should be open to all kinds of music.

Check out complete Nocturnal Admissions podcast with Tocadisco, perfect to listen to on a road trip to the festival this weekend. Click here for the free download.

Music featured in this podcast from “Toolroom Knights Mixed By Tocadisco & Chris Lake” available on iTunes.

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