Voting rocks: Pick the opener for Holiday Havoc ‘08

The Stript is part ‘80s hair metal, part Sunset Strip glam-punk and a whole lot of classic rock.

Opening for rockers Papa Roach and Hoobastank at Holiday Havoc ’08 at The Joint is the kind of get that would send nearly any local band into 6-year-old on Christmas-type convulsions of ecstasy.

This year, Extreme Rock Radio, X107.5, has narrowed down the choices to five top local bands and in a fit of democratic fervor is letting you decide.

Check out to hear songs from the five finalists and cast your vote for whoever you deem worthy. The winner of the popular majority will get a major break as they take the stage at The Joint on December 19. Voting closes tomorrow, so there’s no time to dilly-dally in the undecided box.

Meet the finalists:

Metalheads, your vote's for Kreep.

Kreep is a hardcore metal band with a heavy, raw sound that can melt faces, at least at Madame Tussauds. Their high energy music has made it onto the Vegas airwaves via local radio stations.

Despite having only two members, Leaving Springfield can fill a room with sound. Their Weezer-esque riffs and amusing lyrics make for an entertaining live performance.

Everyone needs more glam-punk in their lives, and The Stript are ready to give it to you. This Las Vegas band infuses classic rock with punk and a dash of ‘80s hair metal.

Ministry of Love came about as members of other local bands, including The Stript, came together looking to create a new vibe. Their female-fronted hardcore punk sound is not for the feint of heart.

A relatively new group formed of old friends who used to play in The Pervz, The Tinglerz play drum-heavy punk rock tunes that echo The Ramones and The Stooges.


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