Eighteen years of neck strains and hangovers

Eighteen years is a long time in the life of a band, and an especially long time in the life of a metalcore band. There’s the exhaustion of endless touring, neck injuries from heads banged too forcefully, the sting of tattoos, pounding hangovers and throats sung hoarse from night after night of bone-shaking vocals. But bands like Hatebreed just never tire.

Type O Negative and Hatebreed with 3 Inches of Blood at House of Blues

Formed in 1990 in Connecticut, Hatebreed has spent the past 18 years recording, touring and bringing their brand of brutal hardcore to a diverse community of fans. Saturday, May 31 found Hatebreed, goth metal quartet Type O Negative and special guest 3 Inches of Blood shaking the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay as part of the Jagermeister Music Tour. You can bet there were a few strained necks, plenty of ass-kicking hangovers and maybe even a bit of fresh ink to wake up to on Sunday morning.


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