Don’t Fret: Dr. Duck uncorks his favorite guitar songs

John "Dr." Duck, host of the syndicated KUNV 91.5-FM radio show Dr. Duck's Guitar Prescription, went 30 cuts deep to list (in his opinion) the best guitar songs in rock history:

1. Duane Eddy, “Rebel Rouser” (1958): “The one that got it all started on guitar for Dr. Duck. After hearing this song, I couldn't think of anything else for at least the next two weeks.”

2. Elvis Presley, “That's All Right Mama” (1954): “This is the one that got Rock & Roll started back in July 1954, Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee. That’s Scotty Moore on lead guitar and Elvis himself on rhythm guitar.”

3. Ricky Nelson, “Hello Mary Lou” (featuring James Burton on guitar, 1961): “When asked about his varied style of playing guitar, Burton said, "What is so important is that you play for the artist and for the record and for the song. Everything else falls into place. Words from a true master.”

4. Deep Purple, “Highway Star” (live version from Made in Japan, 1973): “Overtones of Bach from both the keyboard player and from Blackmore’s solo. Just before [Ritchie] Blackmore takes the ride, you hear the Start being shifted into gear, then he grabs a handful … and WOW.. a full "E" Ticket ride.”

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Derek and the Dominos - Have You Ever Loved a Woman

5. Derek and the Dominos, “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” (1970): “When Duane Allman was invited to the recording session, the combination of two guitar monsters produced very possibly the greatest blues-rock guitar album of all time, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

6. The Yardbirds, “Jeff’s Boogie” (1966): “Steve Vai on Jeff Beck, “Jeff Beck is compelled by his inner artistic drive to keep evolving the instrument. He'll use the whammy bar with the volume knob and the tone control all at the same time, creating harmonics that no human being should be able to hit.”

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The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing

7. The Beatles, “And Your Bird Can Sing” (1966): “A lot of folks look at Paul McCartney as the modern day Mozart and John Lennon as the modern day Beethoven, Following that train of thought, George Harrison would have to be the modern day Bach.”

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The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face

8. The Byrds, “Have You Seen Her Face” (1967): “A fine example from the guy who invented the electric 12-string lead guitar genre.”

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Van Halen - Eruption

9. Van Halen, “Eruption” (1978): “Eddie Van Halen is be referred to as “King Edward the Great” on Dr. Duck’s Guitar Prescription. He who truly changed the way the guitar is played, and had a sense of humor about it.”

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The Allman Brothers Band - One Way Out

10. The Allman Brothers Band, “One Way Out” (live version from At Fillmore East, 1971): “The combination of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts trading licks is legendary, and the world of guitar has not been the same since these two giants got together.”

Playing out the list

11. Doc Watson, “Victory Rag” (1967)

12. Vince Gill, “Liza Jane” (1995)

13. Eric Johnson, “Cliffs of Dover” (1990)

14. Joe Satriani, “Summer Song” (1992)

15. Michael Bloomfield/Al Kooper, “Really” (1968)

16. Peter White, “Elis (Leva E Traz)” (2000)

17. Wed Montgomery, “Bumping on Sunset” (1966)

18. Chet Atkins, “Yakety Axe” (1965)

19. The Doobie Brothers, “Steamer Lane Breakdown” (1978)

20. Lonnie Mack, “Satisfy Suzie” (featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1985)

21. Jimi Hendrix, “3rd Stone From the Sun” (1967)

22. Love, “August” (1969)

23. Eric Clapton, “Five Long Years” (1994)

24. John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, “Driving Sideways” (featuring Mick Taylor, 1967)

25. The Jeff Beck Group, “Going Down” (1972)

26. Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb” (1979)

27. Santana, “Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)” (1976)

28. Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd, “Desafinado” (1962)

29. Strunz & Farah, “Twilight at the Zuq” (1990)

29. Led Zeppelin, “Rock and Roll” (1971)

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