Free concert! The Presidents of the United States of America at Voodoo Beach

Courtesy of the Presidents of the United States of America

Just because you’ve hit your ‘30s doesn’t mean you can’t get out of the house on a Thursday night and rock out in the open air at Voodoo Beach at the Rio to….The Presidents of the United States of America! The beloved ‘90s rock band is back in full force with their guitbass, basitar and sarcastic, self-deprecating lyrics. The Presidents will undoubtedly regale the crowd with classic hits from their first albums as well as introduce Vegas to new songs from the recently released These Are the Good Times People. This is an absolutly free concert, so you have no excuse. Get into the ‘90s spirit and get down to Voodoo Beach. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 9pm. Print your tickets here.


Jennifer Grafiada

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