Kristina Antuna at The Box Office - hold the mayo


Drop that burrito and listen up! The Box Office (1129 S. Casino Center Drive) has a stacked ticket of local bands for tonight’s Twisted Thursday all ages show and you want to be there.

Kristina Antuna, Cable TV, Rockets Incorporated, Bee Movie the Band and Shy Tree will all be performing live to kick off the weekend at the downtown venue. Antuna, formerly of Kristina & The Tuna Band, has set out on her own to try her hand at a solo career. Her band was selected as the winner of the Mix 94.1 Battle of the Bands, which won them a chance to headline the local stage at last year’s Bite of Las Vegas.


Twisted Thursday with Kristina Antuna
April 23, 6 p.m., $10, all ages.
The Box Office
Band Guide
Kristina Antuna
Rockets Incorporated
Beyond the Weekly
Bee Movie the Band

The young vocalist and guitarist has a robust and distinctively melodic quality to her voice that evokes singers like Feist. Her bold vocals and creative songwriting set her apart from the girl-with-a-guitar pack. Recently signed with Most Excellent Management in LA, Antuna and has been splitting time between there and Las Vegas while she searches for the perfect producer.

“This is what I’ve always wanted, and I’m lucky to have such supportive parents,” the 19-year-old says of her decision to pursue music. “So far, it’s working out ok.”

Also performing at the Twisted Thursday show is Bee Movie the Band, featuring Courtney Carroll also of The Clydesdale, providing a dash of feminine fire to the testosterone-heavy six-piece. The band blends dual lead guitars with a third rhythm guitar to provide a rich sound that will more than fill the space at The Box Office (and maybe the room in your tummy from that half-eaten burrito).


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