Hardcore Denny’s Chaos: Yum!

Thursday plays Taste of Chaos at the House of Blues on Friday. Confusing, I know.
Photo: Brantley Gutierrez

This Friday night the Taste of Chaos Tour crash-lands in Vegas at the House of Blues, and Weekly is giving away free tickets. But that’s not the only good news.

This indie-emo-metal-alt rock mélange includes performances by Toronto hardcore act Cancer Bats, San Diego emo punksters Pierce the Veil and Yorkshire deathcore band Bring Me the Horizon, among others. So many others, in fact, that the Friday night show starts during normal business hours, with doors opening at 4 p.m. and the show supposedly kicking off at 4:30 p.m.

Local boys This Romantic Tragedy

Local boys This Romantic Tragedy

That suit and tie early lead spot goes to none other than local screamo pop group This Romantic Tragedy. The six-piece, who has perfected the side-swept emo hairdo, won the chance to open the TOC tour in an online battle of the bands where fans in each city voted in a local opener.

“At first we were going crazy, trying our best to get votes,” said Tragedy guitarist David Diaz. “Then we could tell that all these bands had started cheating when bands whose pages had just gone up suddenly had tons of votes, so we kind of stopped trying to win.”

About two weeks ago, though, Diaz had a surprise when the band received a call saying they’d won the Internet battle and would open the local hardcore show.

But that’s not the only tasty TOC morsel Weekly’s got for you. After you’ve had your fill of emo and hardcore tunes, you can join the bands at the official Chaos after party … at Denny’s.

Rather than post-showing in typical rocker fashion (groupies, hotel rooms and a combination of smashing and chugging), the Denny’s Allnighter program has teamed up with the tour to host a free party after the concert where fans can hang out with the bands. The local Denny’s location is still top secret, but fans can RSVP at dennysallnighter.com and get more details.

Over 200 fans stopped by the Denny’s party after the LA tour stop, and we expect a good turnout in Vegas, where late night dining is considered an art form. While you’re there partake in the Denny’s Rockstar menu and munch on soon-to-be favorites like Hoobastank’s Hooburrito or Katy Perry’s Hot ‘N Cold Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino. Unfortunately, Josh Bell’s preferred Plain White T’s Plain White Shake is no longer on the menu. But then again, neither is their music.


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