Live from Las Vegas” brings Palms performances to iTunes

John Legend in concert at The Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms.
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Las Vegas music fans are in for a special treat as recording artists are making the Palms and its recording studio their venue of choice for laying down tracks and live performance recordings available on iTunes.

Today, indie rock darlings My Morning Jacket release their Live from Las Vegas at The Palms EP, featuring various tracks from past albums including “Knot Comes Loose” and “Thank You Too.” The live tracks also include their early recording, “Tonight I Wanna Celebrate With You” and the previously unreleased song, “Dear Wife.”


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The Studio at the Palms

The inaugural sessions in the two top of the line Studios at the Palms were by blues singer Joe Bonamassa and Palms regular and friend of George Maloof, Paris Hilton. Bonamassa’s album, You and Me went on to reach number one on the Billboard charts.

Since then many of the hottest names in music have recorded there, including local bands gone huge Panic at the Disco and The Killers. Island/Def Jam recording artist Electrik Red just recorded their debut album there, available next month, and The Studio at the Palms was also the recording site for The Dream’s second album as well as Jamie Foxx’s newest record.

In addition to the recording studio at the Palms, all of the hotel’s concert venues, including the pool, are capable of recording live shows. I was lucky enough to see Wolfmother perform live for a small crowd at the Lounge at the Palms. During the show, the Australian band mentioned how excited they were to see their name on the marquee at the Palms Resort Casino. Their entire show was recorded live and is now for sale on iTunes.

The “Live from Las Vegas” iTunes series features exclusive sets recorded at the resort. Combining music and commentary from the artists, they range in price from $3.99 to $7.99 and are an opportunity to catch a unique glimpse of live performances from artists like John Legend, The Bird and the Bee and Death Cab for Cutie.

And more artists will be added to the iTunes catalogue. Tool front man James Maynard Keenan’s collective Puscifer is performing three February shows at the Palms’ Pearl concert hall, and though they haven’t confirmed they’ll be shooting a “Live from Las Vegas” version of the show, they might be recording one or more of their live performances for the series.


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