Snoop does it “bigg”

Snoop Dogg.
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Snoop Dogg is kicking off his Blazed and Confused Tour tonight in Primm along with Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Marley and Mickey Avalon. On his way to town from last night’s show in Reno, The Doggfather himself took a minute to write back to us with answers to a few of the Weekly’s burning questions.

Here, letter for letter, are Snoop’s responses:

How do you feel about performing in Primm, Nev.? It’s not exactly The Strip…

I have a blast every time I am here. We did it bigg here last summer and we gonna continue to do it bigg this year, ya dig?!?

Do you prefer performing as a solo act with an opener or this larger tour format?

I like to make sure we do it bigg every year. This year we doin' it real bigg - they both have their advantages and disadvantages, but as long as you surround it with tha right people and environment, its gonna be a hit. You can’t deny that.......

Will you be heading into Las Vegas for any partying while you’re in Primm for your concert?

Be on da lookout - u neva know - I'm only in town for a

Is there a certain stop on the tour you are particularly looking forward to?

All of em. No joke. Each city got luv for Snoop Dogg and I got luv for them....

You have done so many famous collaborations, who has been your favorite musician to work with on a project?

Got Lalo Shifrin on this new project "Malice IN Wonderland" droppin fourth quarter of 2009. That was fun. Dr. Dre is always off tha chain... I can't say I have a #1, but I do have favorites.

What was it like having your daily activities filmed for the show Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood?

It gets old after a while but we definitely had a blast doin' it and gonna continue to make classic on da lookout for more TV projects comin' yo neva know what we gonna do next. But its gonna be bigg.

You have so many amazing cars in your videos- do you have a favorite vehicle that you own?

Laker Mobile, hands down.


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