Five reasons to check out Cursive at the Beauty Bar (+ one kick ass video)

Cursive, they’ll make you believe in penmanship again.
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1. Cursive is a band’s band. Trust the expertise of other musicians in Las Vegas who’ve been listening to—and worshiping?—Cursive for over 10 years. Plus, attending the show not only exposes you to a great band hailing from Omaha, but earns you instant cool points with the local indie hottie you’ve had your eye on.

2. Quality merch. Instead of picking up the ubiquitous band t-shirt at Cursive’s show, their merchandise includes beer koozies—perfect for when you get a PBR at the Beauty Bar and lean up against the blue trailer out back. Their new album Mama, I’m Swollen is offered on vinyl, so snag one if the merch folks brought those along, too.


June 30, 10 p.m.
Beauty Bar
Beyond the Weekly

3. New tunage. Speaking of the new album, Cursive’s seventh LP was released in March, so Tuesday night may be your first chance to catch some of the latest songs live. And if you know the Vegas music scene, it could be an excruciating length of time before Cursive comes back to town for round two.

4. They’re not sea snakes. You tried listening to the Eels, but lost interest when they appeared on the Shrek soundtracks. Cursive’s frontman, Tim Kasher, possesses similarly beautifully honest and raw vocals as E (Mark Oliver Everett) from the Eels, but Cursive’s intricate layers, variety, extensive catalog and song lyrics that you wish you thought of mean you may have found your new favorite group.

5. Waiting tables isn’t that much fun. Kashner recently relocated to LA to pursue screenwriting. Attending the show will help him pay the bills and possibly fund a film he’s written. Just imagine how awesome his movie will be if it’s even half as good as Cursive’s music!

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