Biding my time

Pan de Sal performs at the first night of Neon Reverb at Beauty Bar.
Aaron Thompson

Things I did while waiting for the Beauty Bar to open up late on night one of Neon Reverb...

1. Watch translucent pink goo that might be brain matter leak from my ears due to the inconsistent and loudly volumed Latin DJs spinning Reggaeton in the main bar.

First Night of Neon Reverb @ Beauty Bar

2. Enjoy the look of a random homeless guy as he walks in, checks out the hipsters, covers his ears and proceeds to ask patrons for change.

3. Try to guess what kind of animal Hyde the leggy blonde’s boots were made from. Clearly not Chinchilla, but my money’s definitely not on Ostrich, either.

4. Look for a napkin to clean up No. 1.


Aaron Thompson

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