One more song

The Lazystars perform a Neon Reverb show at The Bunkhouse.
Photo: Allison Duck

The Lazystars @ The Bunkhouse

Following the indie sounds and stylings of A Crowd of Small Adventures and Hungry Cloud, The Lazystars brought a high-energy vibe and more highly styled veneer to the Bunkhouse. The foursome looked like they’d walked out of a Buffalo Exchange catalog, all skinny jeans, leather jackets and rough-cut hair dos. Evidently I didn’t get the memo that all the girls were supposed to wear belted knit dresses with leggings and slouchy boots. Not that it mattered.

One man in the crowd sported an enormous cowboy hat, and the out of place cowboy sang and danced along to the Lazystars’ set surrounded by hipsters. After finishing what was to be their last song, the band was called back up with shouts of “one more song.” Not in adherence with the de facto dress code, I cheered along with everyone else.


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