They were lopsided … the turnouts, that is

You can never go wrong with girl-on-girl body paint.
Photo: Julie Seabaugh

Just after midnight on the first night of Neon Reverb and one venue contained two very different scenes within. In the Aruba Hotel’s Club Aruba, seven-piece jam-funk outfit Moksha, led by the sultry siren song of Angela Kerfoot, drew a large, jubilant, dance-happy crowd as engaged by the music as they were the closed-circuit video footage projected at stage rear, pair of rainbow-hued ceiling-fanlike apparatus swirling overhead, live abstract painting and the evolving work of a body painter on a topless model. Past the dining area and billiard tables to the Thunderbird Lounge, however, pop-rock duo Leaving Springfield prepared to play their headlining set to an audience of 13…including the bartender and security officer. Band memo: Always spring for the girl-on-girl art action.


Julie Seabaugh

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