What I learned from Pan de Sal

Pan de Sal performs at the first night of Neon Reverb at Beauty Bar.
Aaron Thompson

Five lessons, courtesy of Jeff, Judi and Sheila...

1. Thanks to thousands of joints, math-processing brains on constant Kraftwerk loops and boxy yet huggable bodies, robots always dance better than humans.

First Night of Neon Reverb @ Beauty Bar

2. Singer Jeff Madlambayan’s black pedal pushers make him aerodynamic and able to do gravity (and logic) defying dance moves.

3. Videos of Obama dancing have totally lost their cool factor ... if they had any to begin with.

4. Undies are optional, especially when talking about geopolitical affairs.

5. Horizontal black and white stripes aren't only for pre-21st century prison inmates anymore. They're for bouncy polititronic hipsters who clearly aren't afraid of the man and his preferred new color of incarceration: orange.


Aaron Thompson

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