LV Club*: Accordion madness

Quick: When was the last time you caught a band with two of its members simultaneously playing accordion (your answer may not involve polka music)? Right, never. Same here, until night two of Neon Reverb at Club Aruba.

The latest incarnation of Joe Kendall’s ever-mutating Las Vegas Club* featured two-sixths of his lineup wielding squeezeboxes on its opening number. One, Joe’s brother Matt, was playing the instrument live for the first time ever.

Though the group’s set was relatively short—just three songs in duration—it featured at least one more LV Club* first: the debut of a fine new tune co-written by Joe Kendall and Hungry Cloud main man Mike Weller, to close out the performance.

Somewhat surprisingly, Riverside, California, outfit American Gil & The Major Dudes, originally slated to collaborate with Las Vegas Club* to open a four-band Club Aruba bill, instead performed separately, playing havoc with the remainder of the night’s scheduled times.

Word to organizers: always remember, when Joe Kendall’s around, expect the unexpected.

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