That’s a nice piece of meat

The epic battle for Las Vegas Country Saloon’s attention: Band vs. Bull
Photo: Aaron Thompson

Is it just me, or does the entirety of Fremont street smell like the juiciest hamburger ever made? .... Yea, I know that smell could also be the famous $1,000,000 stench that the city tried unsuccessfully to get rid of, but it doesn't bother me. I walk into the Las Vegas Country Saloon, a surreal place where faux country girls dance on tables as pervy tourists stare and take pictures of them with their legs agape. The bands are warming up and the table girls have gone from dancing on their column stoops to riding the black Jack Daniels bull. On now, a tall brunette with the world's most torn jeans and the remnants of a six pack. Julie Seabaugh notes: "that's a yeast infection waiting to happen."


Aaron Thompson

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