Doodle me tender

Photo: Aaron Thompson

Things I was thinking (but didn’t say) during The Doodler’s set at Neon Reverb:

1. Man, I really want some chorizo.

2. Main Doodler Jeff Madlambayan, while less acrobatic than in his main role with Pan Del Sal, still looks like he could bust into rhythmic spasms of dancing at any minute.

3. The bass in the Doodler’s set was so low, my UnionBay jeans –already made with the fortitude of a wet napkin – were shaking wildy around my legs. Cool.

Neon Reverb Day 4

4. Madlambayan’s vocals sound really cool when they’re processed through whatever digital processing unit he was using. I wonder what they would sound like if they were patched through a Yuban can.

5. How the hell can Neon Reverb really get much better than it is right now?

6. Can you make it to Pepe’s for a second night in a row for a chorizo burrito? You can, but do you want to? Oh God! Why must I make this decision!?

7. Dude, these guys are pretty damn good.


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