Rum-pa-pum-pum … pum … pum … pum …

“I’m tired,” Courtney Carroll tells me late Sunday night at the Beauty Bar, as Japanther is preparing to play Neon Reverb’s very last set. A lot of us are exhausted, having survived made the festival’s four-straight-late-nights meat-grinder, but Carroll has more reason than any to require sleep. She’s just finished the fourth of four Neon Reverb performances that saw her drum for four different Vegas bands.

To recap: Kid Meets Cougar Thursday at Beauty Bar; The Clydesdale Friday at the Country Saloon; Love Pentagon Saturday at Beauty Bar; and Bee Movie the Band Sunday at the Bunkhouse. She estimates she played close to 40 different songs over that span.

In the end, though, it’s neither the bashing of snare and cymbal nor the kicking of bass drum that wore on Carroll the most. “I’m more sore from tambourining,” she says, pointing to the palm of her right hand and explaining that, in addition to her four official shows, she chipped in some in-the-crowd percussion for Pan de Sal Friday night at Beauty Bar.

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