Local music scene loses one of its own

Wade Aldy, August 14, 1980 - March 13, 2009
Courtesy of Mark Hornsby

The Las Vegas local music scene is more than just musicians. There are the fans, sound and lighting techs, graphic designers, promoters and numerous others who work or volunteer in the scene. For many, the local music community resembles a second family. On March 13, we lost one of our own when 28-year old Wade Aldy passed away in his sleep.

Kendall Wade Aldy may best be know in Vegas for his work promoting and supporting local music via his company, Star Burst Promotions. At his memorial services on March 17, Wade’s life was celebrated by those that knew him for years and those whose lives he may have only briefly touched, but in a positive way nonetheless.

With services led by his stepfather, Rev. Kenneth Craft, over 50 people joined Wade’s family to remember the young promoter. Friends, local band members, radio DJs, and other familiar faces paid their respects. In a truly heartfelt moment, Mark Hornsby (also a local promoter) read an emotional letter he wrote to his departed best friend that stirred emotion in even the most tattooed and stoic attendees.

Amidst tears of sadness, there was the occasional laughter when remembering Wade—who was know for giving the best hugs ever. “I think we have more people here than we had at our last show,” joked Wade’s friend Chris. Rev. Craft added if Wade had his way, he would have charged ten bucks a head for attendees in true promoter fashion.

All agreed that music was one of Wade’s passions, and we lost a truly genuine and passionate member of our community. “He was just an incredible guy with a big heart,” said Holmes “Homie” Pooser. “[Wade] loved his local music scene.”

Wade Adly is survived by his father and stepmother, Larry and Judie; mother and stepfather, Sharon and Kenneth; sister and brother-in-law, Andrea and Jim; and uncle and aunt, Keith and Merilyn. Following the services, family and friends gathered for dinner to share favorite memories and thoughts about Wade’s life:

“He was an incredible guy who loved the scene. Very few like him.” - Area 107.9’s Local Show Joe

“The biggest thing I remember about Wade is just how hard he worked. I would always see him wherever I was at. Sometimes when we were flyering parking lots and he was headed somewhere I hadn’t been yet, he’d offer to take some of my flyers, too, and distribute those. He worked really hard and was a genuine person. He was someone who worked really hard to make the scene a better place.” –Pulsar, local promoter and guitarist for Ministry of Love

“I’ll always remember being at the Ice House for Ink Fridays. Wade was always trying to argue with me about the bands that were playing sounded like another band—and then the bear hugs that came along with the argument.” –Bean from X 107.5 FM

“[Wade was] one of the few promoters that was friends with every promoter and every band. He never had any animosity towards anyone.” –Danielle Robertson, Fusion Productions

“Wade was the first person who taught me how to break into the Joint at the Hard Rock. We’d stand on the stage when it was empty and talk about how our idols’ DNA was on the stage… One night, we got pepper-sprayed and ran through the Joint, stage dove to nobody, then played pool at a gay bar next to the Green Door with two naked transvestite cowboys. It was a good time.” – Adrian Patrick, vocalist for Otherwise

“Wade was on stage singing our own songs to us the last night the Ice House was open. I’m gonna miss his big, sweaty hugs, but it was okay, because I probably smelled worse that him when I’d get off stage.” –Dave McMahan, drums/vocals for Otherwise

“He nibbled on my man-beard. I’ve never felt so comforted and disgusted at the same time.” – Ryan Patrick, guitar/vocals for Otherwise

“[I remember] his sweaty bear hugs. When barely knowing someone, he could make you feel like a brother.” –Flavio Mendoza, bassist for Otherwise

“He always wanted people to have a good time around him. If we were having a s—tty ass day, he turned things around and made everyone at our shows have a good time.” –Jason Juadines, guitars/vocals for Otherwise

“Me and Wade started this music promoting thing at the same time under the tutelage of Mark Hornsby. We became competitors and friends. Wade was a class act—always. He was always willing to express his love for the Las Vegas music scene. He will be missed.” –Case Colcord, Iconoclastic Entertainment

The Weekly sends our condolences to all those affected by Wade’s passing. We invite you to share your favorite memories of his life in the comment section of this blog. Plans for a local benefit concert are in the works and we’ll keep you updated with details as they develop.

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