Now, that’s extreme: Bad Religion meets BMX at Extreme Thing ‘09

The Higher
Photo: Ty Watkins

The winds should be calm and the mercury rising this weekend just in time to spend the entire day Saturday outside living life to the extreme. During Extreme Thing ’09 at Desert Breeze Skate Park you can drink extreme beverages, listen to extreme music and watch extreme sports. Go ahead, add an “extreme” to whatever activities you partake in during the multi-faceted all ages event, which offers a variety of events sure to pique everyone’s interests. Don’t just snap photos, be an extreme photographer. Don’t sample a hot dog, down three at a time for some extreme chowing.

Punk rock legends The Vandals.

You won’t be the only one taking things to extremes.

In the spirit of its name, Extreme Thing offers a chance to check out pro BMX dirt bike champs like Ricardo Laguna, Adrenaline Unleashed pro wrestlers, plus a plethora of musicians.

On the Red Bull main stage you can catch local acts Taking Dawn (formerly 7th Son) and The Higher plus touring acts Bless the Fall, Suicide Silence, Big B with Scott Russo, Framing Hanley (the band responsible for the catchy can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head “Lollipop” song), Silverstein, The Vandals and Bad Religion. Yes, punk legends Bad Religion and The Vandals for a $20 ticket that costs less than a full tank of gas. It doesn’t get much better than that… Oh wait, it does.

In addition to these famous headliners, the stage will cater to local bands, featuring performances by Damnear Divine, Love It or Leave It, Eyes Like Diamonds, The Seventh Plague, Summit Grove, Dreamscar and This Romantic Tragedy.


Local screamo and pop punk band Eyes Like Diamonds.

As if the music and extreme sports aren’t enough to fill your day, stop by a tournament that makes March Madness look like a game of paddy cake. Nevada’s state pride is up for grabs in a roller derby tourney that pits Nevada’s own Battle Born Demons as they defend their honor against visiting California, Washington and Arizona teams.

Of course, being extreme doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Remember to bring your sunscreen, a bottle of water and whatever else you’ll need for eleven straight hours of flying dirt and rock ‘n’ roll, because there is no re-entry into this alcohol-free event.

After all, in Las Vegas having a blast on a perfect spring day without a beer in hand is the ultimate extreme thing.


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