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The big names in electronic music will be hitting the clubs this Memorial Day Weekend, but local bands are also making their presence known over the three-day weekend. Several groups have CD release parties and a wide variety of music tastes will be accommodated with shows from hip-hop artist Jura Shaheed, alt rockers Left Standing and scantily clad favorites The Deadly Seven.


From the Calendar
Left Standing at Wasted Space
May 22, 10 p.m.
Jura Shaheed at the Freakin' Frog
May 23, 10 p.m., free
The Deadly Seven at the House of Blues
May 24, 10 p.m.

Local hip-hop artist Jura Shaheed will be hosting an album release party for his new disc, 8 Bit at the Freakin’ Frog. For children of the ‘80s, Nintendo and Atari game songs were the soundtrack of our youth. Shaheed says he, “took Nintendo and Atari songs and laid beats over them.” His favorite games included Contra and the Super Mario Brothers games- so look out for hip-hop versions of those theme songs.


He has organized a concert and listening party for his new album featuring other great local hip-hop artists like Youthinasia, The Greater Good and Reallionaire Jream. Shaheed’s Timeless Arts Organization is partnering with Chicago groups to cross promote local hip-hoppers and Chicago artists. Expect to see a lot more Chi-Town artists like J Slikk of the Back Packers Anonymous group, performing locally. J Slikk is also on the ticket for the Freakin’ Frog show.

Local rockers Left Standing, who signed with Tom Kat Records last year, will be having their own album release party at Wasted Space tonight. The alt rock group will be playing tracks from their newest album, What It Takes, as well as hopefully some past hits like “Sorry” and “No One Wins.” They’ll take the stage with Slow to Surface.


The Deadly Seven play Beauty Bar on Aug. 7.

Another show not to be missed is The Deadly Seven concert at the House of Blues. The lovely ladies of The Deadly Seven clearly have no problems with self-consciousness, as evidenced by their concert outfits consisting of skimpy underwear and appropriately placed electrical tape. Get an eyeful while you get an earful this Memorial Day Weekend.

Other local band shows this weekend:

Friday, May 22nd:

Masked surf rockers Monster Zero will take the stage at the Double Down along with 1/2 Ast, The Lurks, The Amplifiers and The Stalking Distance.

Lips Like Morphine, Scarlett Symphony, Neon Facade, The Sleepover Disaster and Blue Vino will all be performing live at the Bunkhouse.

Saturday, May 23rd:

Local rockers The Black Jetts and The Vermin will perform live at the Double Down along with The Meatmen, Chapstick and United Snakes.

The Bunkhouse Saloon presents a punk show featuring Peccadilloes, ROS’s, The Outskirts and Dead Birds and Blind Kids.

Sunday, May 24th:

Local funk and soul group Dopamine Flux will perform live at the Beauty Bar along with Chicago group NOMO.

Get folksy this weekend at the Bunkhouse Saloon with a show featuring The Petals, Dreaming of Lions and Tarantula Nebula.


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