Calculating freaky factors with Monster Zero

Monster Zero performs their CD release show on Friday the 13th at Double Down Saloon.
Photo: Laura Davis

When local surf rockers Monster Zero decided to play their CD release show on Friday the 13th at Double Down, we headed out expecting a chaotic concert in keeping with the dubious holiday. Here’s how the show stacked up:

-If Friday the 13th had a theme song Monster Zero’s “Triskaidekaphobia” would be it. The word is the technical term for the fear of the number 13. PLUS 5

-The band also has a song called “Bloodbath at Disneyland,” for which there may never be an appropriate occasion. A blood soaked Mickey Mouse is just disturbing. MINUS 3

-Ancient Romans looked upon the number 13 as a symbol of misfortune, and Monster Zero didn’t make a single dollar off their CDs at the CD release show. How’s that for misfortune? MINUS 3

-That’s because the CDs were all handed out for free. PLUS 3

-The set list, originally composed of 10 songs, expanded to 13 when the band realized that sometimes you just have to adjust to the occasion. Perhaps they were encouraged to play those extra three by the packed crowd they brought in. PLUS 5

-They played a keytar. While it’s always a good time when someone whips out one of these babies, they don’t exactly scream black cats and superstition. MINUS 1

-It takes Monster Zero exactly 13 minutes to apply their stage make-up. OK, maybe lead singer Kevin Leonard confided to us that it’s actually 15 minutes, but close enough. If they can adjust their set list for the occasion, we can tweak minutes to up the appropriateness, right? PLUS 1

-Song “666” to be performed on the day of the week known as the “witches' Sabbath” seems fitting. And frightening. PLUS 2

-In tarot cards, the death card is number 13 and displays a picture of the Grim Reaper. Nothing screams death like Monster Zero’s skeleton bat drummer. PLUS 2

-The yellow painted face of guitarist Dr. Phobic seemed better suited for a show benefitting patients with liver problems. MINUS 1

Final score: +13. What an appropriate coincidence!


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