Warm Coronas and other signs of success

Local punk band Holding On To Sound brought out the crowd at Yayo Taco’s benefit show for global charity group Invisible Children.
Photo: Laura Davis

Gauging the success of a local benefit show can be tricky. How do you know if they’re actually achieving their goal and raising money? The Weekly headed to Yayo Taco for Wednesday night’s show organized in honor of Invisible Children, an organization trying to end the longest running war in Africa and assist child soldiers. Our goal was to see if we could pin point what makes a successful fundraiser. Following are eight signs that we noticed lead to a charitable victory…


-- You’re forced to order multiple Coronas at once because the line at the counter is just way too long to wait in twice. Sometimes the price of time is worth a warm beer.

-- Looking into the restaurant you think that you’ve mistakenly wandered into a funeral procession, until you realize that the mass of black is actually caused by all the darkly dyed-hair and hooded sweatshirt adorned fans who turned out for the hardcore band line-up.

-- A $10 donation doesn’t make people snort and opt to go next door to a different college bar that doesn’t charge at the door.

-- A show slated to start at 7 p.m. actually starts on time because for once there are enough people there consecutively throughout the night that the first band doesn’t have to stall in order to not play to an empty house.

-- The half-eaten plate of slowly decomposing nachos abandoned on the table doesn’t disgust you. You’re just happy to find an empty seat.

-- The bands are more entertaining than Yayo Taco’s revealing wall scribbles of, “I cheat on my girlfriend with her best friend.”

-- Local punk band Holding On To Sound’s inquiry into whether or not to play another song draws an, “Oh God yes!” shout from the audience, though they were last of a four-band line-up.

-- At the end of the night, the events organizer announces they were able to raise more $500. People must notice those invisible children after all.


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