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The Features opened for The Whigs on Friday at Beauty Bar. A party ensued.
Photo: Donna Smith

Feet stomp, hands flail and torsos writhe almost immediately after The Features take stage for their performance opening for The Whigs. The Nashville quartet opens with “Whatever Gets You By/The Drawing Board.” It’s four minutes of horn-filled, indie pop-rock fun that brings out the type of manic dancing that only happens at Beauty Bar on a Friday night. It’s a party and the ‘80s-inspired male duo dancing front-row center seem prone to an epileptic fit. One of them throws his PBR can at lead singer Matt Pelham, who sees the act for the compliment that it is and will later thank them for their energy.


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What more can you ask for? The Fedora-sporting girl next to me answers that question, shouting out a request for The Features’ first single off their second album, Some Kind of Salvation. She screams, “Play ‘Lions,’” before the addendum, “It’s my ringtone!”

Again, only at Beauty Bar.


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