Nobunny loves (and scares) us

Ain’t he cute?

The inboxes of the Weekly staff are no strangers to the absurd. From inquiries into our relationships statuses to offers of first-born children in exchange for a music review by Spencer Patterson, we hardly bat our misanthropic eyes anymore when checking our E-mail.

Just when we thought nobody could entertain us, Nobunny did.

Not much stood out in the promotional E-mail we received from the promoter of Nobunny’s upcoming Vegas show. All of the necessary information was included: 21+ show running from 5 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 17 at Boomer’s Bar. Sure, there were some clever media quotes comparing him to a horny, drunk Muppet, but it was nothing we registered as all that important. Next.

Then, we saw the press image. Wearing a furry mask and a ‘50s leather jacket, Nobunny is part rock ‘n’ roll, part Donnie Darko nightmare, which we might be able to stomach if he weren’t clutching a giant kitchen knife and spatula in front of a pathetic-looking hotdog and set of fast food fries.


Nobunny with The Mapes, Monster Zero and Love Visions
Sept. 17, 10 p.m., $5
Band Guide
The Mapes
Monster Zero
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Nobunny's MySpace

We’ve seen similarly fashion-forward bands like The Mapes and Monster Zero (both will be playing with Nobunny on Thursday as part of Neon Reverb), and outrageous outfits and masks don’t normally faze us. Still, Nobunny managed to make us laugh and cry for our mommies. Perhaps it was the agape mouth suggesting a much-needed dentist visit and that cross-eyed glare that makes us happy we’re not the ones poking around his pie hole.

Intrigued, we looked Nobunny up, only to be met with a photo of the rocker looking a bit post-coital and clutching a naked, deranged mannequin. When we closed our eyes to strike the image from our minds, the automatic music player kicked in – and, surprisingly, we liked what we heard. Infectious and smile-inducing, Nobunny’s style of garage rock channels Chuck Berry, despite looking like something not even the cat would drag in.

Nobunny is worth hearing, and based off his memorable photo, definitely worth seeing. We applaud you, scary but soulful Muppet man.


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