Banter at Boomers

Monster Zero delivered another great show, in full costume of course.
Photo: Allison Duck

Here are three comments we heard during the Nobunny, Monster Zero and Mapes show at Neon Reverb.

3. "More cowbell!"

Normally, we love hearing this pop-culture catch phrase shouted out by audience members. It's the modern-day equivalent of requesting every band to play "Freebird." However, when someone in the Monster Zero audience expressed a fever for which the only prescription was more cowbell, the only thing we could think was: "Isn't the keytar enough?" We love the tackiness of this plastic instrument, part keyboard, part gee-tar, as much as we love Monster Zero's energetic surf rock sound. We like to think Christopher Walken would agree.


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2. “We’re not playing that one; we don’t remember the lyrics!”

First, we appreciated the Mapes' telling the audience they were taking requests. The laid-back gesture was much appreciated by the dozen or so fans in attendance, many of which sang along. Next, we appreciated their honesty when they admitted they didn't know all of the lyrics to their own songs. Unfortunately, they still remembered these lyrics: "I hope you're just getting fat, because if you're pregnant, you are dead."

1. "Yeah, that's why I went outside."

It's not a witty comment or adorable portmanteau, but this is what Mapes drummer Sir-snax-a-lot said when prompted with the comment, "It's hot in here." The incident occurred when the snack-happy member of the band unexpectedly got up during one of his songs and walked out the door, something his band mates seemed unfazed about. When the drummer returned, he sat down with the Weekly instead of the band and explained his brief departure. Why do we love his quote? Is it the edginess of walking off stage without explanation? No. We just love the fact that it's now cooler outside than inside. It's been summer so long that we'd forgotten what temperatures in the 70s feel like.

Nobunny @ Boomers


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