Observations while waiting for bands at the Double Down

Impromptu photo shoot = great way to kill time.
Photo: Scott Berry

-One of Lock N Load’s band members dressed for the occasion with his “I fucked your girlfriend” work shirt.

-The new mural on the wall sucks. It'd be awesome at a rave under a black light, but doesn't work at the Double Down.

-Thankfully, the nasty-ass sofa is gone.

“Something tells me there’s gonna be some moshing tonight.” - Scott Berry, photographer for the Double Down calendar.

-A good way to kill time and entertain is to ask Berry to improvise a photo shoot. The patrons love it.

-Always ignore the listed time for Double Down shows. If it says “10 p.m.” don’t expect live music until after midnight. And if you’re going to see FSP, check if any of the band members are in the hospital before leaving the house. Apparently that happened Friday night and they had to cancel.

Photo of Deanna  Rilling

Deanna Rilling

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