Dancing the night away with Rainbow Arabia

L.A.’s electro-pop duo, Rainbow Arabia, just makes you want to dance.
Photo: Laura Davis

What helps you keep warm at an outdoors show when it’s cold enough to make you forget you have fingers? Dancing. It gets the blood flowing. Plus, hipsters love to dance. It’s a rite that allows for shaking in ultra-hip convulsions.

And what does Rainbow Arabia, the boy-girl, electro-pop duo from L.A., make you want to do while blowing its whistles and shaking its rattles on stage? Dance, dance, dance! Which is precisely what the crowd was doing throughout Rainbow Arabia’s Reverb set Saturday at the Beauty Bar and its encore, which came about after the crowd’s loud chant for “one more song!”

Rainbow Arabia's Tiffany Preston at Neon Reverb.

Rainbow Arabia's Tiffany Preston at Neon Reverb.

“Who knew Vegas was so awesome?” asked singer Tiffany Preston from behind her keyboard.

“You two!” shouted an excited audience member.

The enthusiastic response to Arabia proved Vegas show-goers do know how to make a visiting band feel welcome, something we’ve often doubted. Now please excuse us while we get back to our dancing.


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