No place like “home”

Louise Le Hir (left) performs at the Griffin as part of Neon Reverb’s spring 2010 installment.
Photo: April Corbin

Louise Le Hir has lived in Colorado, the UK, France, Cleveland, LA, Las Vegas and Tucson, where she’s currently attending art school. She’s not really from any particular city, but she considers Las Vegas the closest thing to home she’s got.

She lived here, on and off, for a decade, and became a regular in the music scene as bassist and vocalist in the now-defunct psychedelic band The Pandas. Though she currently resides in Southern Arizona, the folksy singer-songwriter still manages to travel to Vegas and LA for solo shows, including a Friday night performance at The Griffin.

Her performance is a bit under-attended, but the response is positive. Her folk tunes fit the candlelight-vibe of the Griffin’s back room, and the fact that everyone has a place to sit only makes the vibe feel more, well, homey.

“It’s a learning experience,” Le Hir says of being a solo act after years of being in a band. “I get to feel things out more, do things when I’m inspired instead of being forced.”

Le Hir isn’t complete on her own, though. She’s begun playing bass in a currently between-names country-ish band out of Tucson. “We’ll come to Vegas,” she promises.

The next installment of Neon Reverb, perhaps?


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