The sunny side of Sole

Sole and The Skyrider Band perform during Neon Reverb at The Bunkhouse.
Photo: Laura Davis

Sole is serious when it comes to his hip-hop.

His words are bitterly reflective and entangled with social criticism. Listening to his rhythms, which were backed by two of the three members of Arizona-based band Skyrider on Friday at the Bunkhouse, you wouldn’t know he has a sense of humor.

But the between-songs banter during his 1 a.m. debut at Neon Reverb proved that Sole does indeed know how to kid, even if his humor is a little bit off center.

Here are five of the humorous one-liners we caught during his set:

• “News flash: Vegas, I’m not your father.” And aren’t we all just little bit thankful for that?

• “This next song is called ‘I Hate White People, Except Myself.’” The majority of the audience happened to also be white...

• “I think he thought I said girls gone wild…” Said after a fan loudly cheered one of his other comments.

• “This next song is called “Pissing in the Wind.” It’s an inspirational anthem about art.” If piss doesn’t inspire you to do something creative like paint a pretty picture, what does?

And last but not least…

• “You guys don’t like my jokes. No one ever laughs at my fucking jokes. The only people that laugh at my jokes are the three people on tour with me.” And yet, Sole had every fan in the Bunkhouse cracking a smile. He even managed to put one on himself, too.


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