Dear Las Vegas: Jared Mees loves you

Jared Mees loves Las Vegas, and we love him right back. And yes the deer is wearing a bra.
Photo: Laura Davis

Dear Las Vegas,

I love you.


Jared Mees and the Grown Children.

OK, so maybe Mees hasn’t gone as far as to commit to his undying affection for the local music scene and Neon Reverb’s wrap party audience on paper. But he did confess his love verbally, and frequently, throughout the high-energy performance he and his over-grown children brought to the Bunkhouse on Sunday with their funny-loving, folk rock tunes.

Just to make sure his love is true, we counted the ways:

1.) “Neon Reverb must have kicked ass, cause this closing party kicks ass!” - Mees

2.) “You guys may be the best audience ever!” - keyboardist Megan Spear.

3.) “The Skooners are lucky to have an audience like you!” – Mees

4.) “You guys are the best crowd we had all week; you’re definitely the loudest.” – Mees

5.)“We’ve been on the road for 12 days and it’s really nice to see so many people at a show.” – Mees

Along with the crowd shout-outs, Mees also gave his warmest regards to Black Camaro, who performed earlier in the night, conceding that Las Vegas was “lucky” to have the jam-band as part of the local music scene.

After such a well-received set, we’ll surely be seeing Mees again—absence makes the heart grow founder after all.

Maybe next time he’ll bring flowers.


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