And She made it rain

And She Whispered

Securing one of seven slots on the XPOZ Local Band stage at Extreme Thing is bound to make you feel like a rock star, but And She Whispered may be taking it a bit too far.

Fat Joe's "Make it Rain" is blaring over the loudspeakers, and, as an introduction to ASW, half a dozen girls have run on stage to make it rain fake paper money over the audience. This troupe of makeshift go-go dancers, with their long hair whipping, might be almost hot, but their legality is under question. The boys of And She Whispered are still in high school, and these fangirls don't seem that far off. All of it feels a bit like watching dress-up. Unfortunately, when the band breaks into their opening song, "Vajayjay," it sounds a bit like playtime, too.


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